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Danfoss Optyma Plus™ new generation

Extension for the range of Optyma Plus™ condensing units new generation

Higher efficiency, faster assembly, quieter

Its performance will increase your performance

With a long-lasting compressor, acoustic insulation and intelligent fan speed reduction under low load conditions, Optyma ™ Plus works so smoothly and quietly that your customers will hardly notice it. 

A highly optimized microchannel heat exchanger also contributes to considerable energy savings in the new generation and makes the Optyma ™ Plus up to 20% more economical than equivalent products - and that is a sales argument that your customers will remember.

Achieve energy savings of up to 20% from day one! A change for the better Contact your local Danfoss distributor today and find out how your business can benefit from working with one of the world's leading suppliers to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.