Cool Italia Dixell type. Case controller XR40CX-5N0C0

Digital controllers for MT and TT with hot gas or electric defrost
Dimensions W x H x D: 0 x 0 x 0 mm Weight: 0.22 kg Power supply: 230 VAC Display number of digits: 3 Sensor input thermostat: NTC/PTC Sensor input defrost: NTC/PTC Condenser sensor input: NTC/PTC Hotkey Compressor relay output: 8 A Defrost relay output: 8 A


  • Alarm config.
  • Defrost start config.
  • Auxiliary contact config.
  • Door contact config.
  • Pressure switch config.
  • Sensor config.


  • Output Hot-Key/Prog Tool Kit available
  • Serial output TTL
  • HACCP function


  • Simple programming mode
  • Display with icons and integrated unit of measurement
  • ON/OFF button
  • Plastic front bezel with cut out, WING compatible
  • Up to 2 light switches
  • Energy saving cycles through digital inputs
  • Rapid cooling by predetermined setpoint
  • Control stop by auxiliary sensor
  • Control resume during door alarm
  • Virtual sensor management
  • Condensing temperature control to prevent critical situations
  • Serial connection to remote monitoring system
  • Max power consumption: 3VA
  • Display with red LED (10.5mm) and icons

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