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Jabitherm - pre-insulated piping systems for the refrigeration industry

designs and manufactures pre‐insulated pipes, designed for transport of liquids and solids. Main operators are in chemistry, oil & gas transport, refrigeration industry and finally food & manufacturing. High product standards together with customer requirements and the ability for creating complex pipe solutions for specific site situations are our goals.

When transporting liquid or gaseous media for cold and hot pipes, the highest demands are placed on the quality and workmanship, on the safety and longevity of your pipelines.

Conventional insulation methods, created under sometimes adverse environmental conditions, can not always meet these conditions. The solution here are pre-insulated composite pipes, manufactured in a controlled environment.


Pre-insulated pipes offer many advantages over conventional insulation:

  • Attaching the clamps to the outer jacket - no corrosion, no heat loss
  • Tight insulation - easier installation
  • Minimal insulation work on site - shorter assembly times
  • low lambda value - less heat loss
  • diffusion-resistant insulation - no cold bridges
  • lower scaffolding costs
  • minimal maintenance costs
  • more security due to lower error rate


product lines

Two different product lines characterize the product range of Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG: RAPID and FIRESAFE

Preferred applications of RAPID pre-insulated pipes are in the industrial refrigeration and food and beverage industries. 

The advantage of these products is the ease and speed of installation as well as their longevity and versatility. The variation in the technical conception results in two product series with different fields of application:



RAPID-ESP refers to the   Energy Saving Pipe system . A pre-insulated pipe system with focus on saving energy as a result of the consistent optimization of the thermal insulation by the polyurethane foam.

Experience shows that savings of up to 30% over conventional pipe insulation are possible.

RAPID-COOL is designed for pipe systems in the cold and low temperature range. The diffusion-proof outer jacket protects the pipe against ingress of moisture and dust. The pipe design in combination with the foam insulation reliably prevents condensation and ice formation on the outside of the pipe.

RAPID-CRYO , a product variant of RAPID-COOL , enables the implementation of projects with extreme operating temperatures down to -200 ° C.



FIRESAFE meets the special requirements for pipe installations within fire- hazard environments, as well as for operation in potentially explosive environments (ATEX). The pipe system is resistant to open flames for up to 90 minutes (T90) (evaluation criterion: heating of the medium in the pipe <450 ° C). Three rating classes characterize the FIRESAFE system.

- T30 is a pipe system in which the foam position is provided with fire protection additives. Fire protection time: 30 minutes

- T60 identical to the type FIRESAFE-T30 , but double- layered thermal insulation with metal separating layer between the layers. Fire protection time: 60 minutes

- T90 identical to the type FIRESAFE-T30 , but three-layered thermal insulation with separating layer of metal between the layers. Fire protection time: 90 minutes



The focus of the RAPID EASY CUTTING system is on construction measures, which are characterized by the fact that small and complicated construction areas alternate with long sections of pipeline. There are thus many cuts necessary to assemble the piping system of different sections and fittings. With this variety of cuts, it is important that the pre-insulated pipe is easy and quick to process. The RAPID EASY CUTTING system is specially designed for this application. A special coating allows easy and residue-free stripping of the foam insulation, the weld seam preparation of the pipe sections can thus take place as usual. There is no significant additional effort compared to uninsulated pipes.

Depending on the version, the product also has 4-5 specially marked areas that serve as breakpoints. At these "clamping points", the adhesive force of the polyurethane foam is available as usual, whereby a fixing / fixing on the outer jacket of the tube is easily possible. The RAPID EASY CUTTING system is thus the ideal compromise between flexible application options and familiar product features for use in pipeline construction under difficult operating conditions.


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