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Since 2016, Krones AG has been bundling its activities in plant construction and plant service for the dairy industry - since January 2022 also the sale of the VapoChill cooling tower in Milkron GmbH. 

Derived from the portfolio, Krones has been building its own cooling tower for about 3 years - the VapoChill. So far, more than 150 cooling towers have already been commissioned/delivered in the beverage industry for different cooling applications (cooling zones in pasteurization). The VapoChill is an open, axially ventilated wet cooling tower with which different cooling requirements can be covered very efficiently in a power range from 50 to 2,000 kilowatts (*depending on climatic conditions). Target industries are those in which the application requires a cooling tower made of stainless steel (V2A optionally V4A) (food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ...) and/or the customer is willing to pay the additional price for a well thought-out, durable product with a slim CO 2 footprint pay. 


• (Ice) water pre-cooling & ice water avoidance (in winter) 

• Recooling of refrigeration systems to improve performance and efficiency 

• Avoidance and replacement of fresh water cooling (waste water costs...) 

• autoclave cooling, 


• EC controlled fans 

• Hygienic design (one-piece, asymmetrically edged tray, sloping...)

 • Completely made of stainless steel (AISI 304 optionally in AISI 316L) 

• Seismic safety (PGA 4.0-8.0) 

• Krones and/or Milkron as system integrator 

• Concept 2in1 (partition plate) 

• … 


• Pressure transmitter for level measurement 

• Ambient/water temperature measurement 

• Humidity sensor 

• Automatic drain/vent valve 

• Electric pan heating • Chemical dosing 

• Fastening material (anchor rod, screw connections) 

• … 


• Hanging ladder (incl. screwable suspension points) 

• Packing impregnated with biocide 

• Cooling tower pump (GG or SS) 

• Stability (earthquake PGA 4.0-8.0) 

• Noise protection 

• … 

just click here: VapoChill cooling tower - Krones 

At Milkron GmbH you are in the right place Specialized employees with many years of expertise work to find solutions for you and your products. Nature and technology in harmony Natural products deserve special attention - and that's exactly what they get at Milkron. 

Because we focus on the topics of milk and other dairy products. 

It doesn't matter whether it's about replacing existing systems and components or planning new complete lines or even factories 

- Milkron supports you from planning to assembly and commissioning to after-sales service.

 our strengths 

- The milk experts in the Krones Group 

- System planning independent of the manufacturer of the individual components 

- Extensive expertise 

We look forward to the first project that we can realize with you. 

The Milkron GmbH team










Milkron GmbH

Kronsbergstr. 8F
30880 Laatzen

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Milkron GmbH

Kronsbergstr. 8F
30880 Laatzen