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Trane BFS

Trane Germany GmbH
UniTrane™ B Series Cooling capacity 4.2-33 kW Heizleistung 5.8-61 kW


The B-Line fan coil units are designed for built-in installation and designed for direct connection to a sewer system. They offer one constant airflow supply with a static pressure of up to 150 Pa. The B-Line devices are available in five sizes for hot water (11-42 kW) and cold water supply (4-16 kW) available.

Options and accessories

  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe systems
  • Electric air heater
  • Main or auxiliary register valve kit
  • Synthetic G3 filter
  • Vibration damper connection
  • Inlet/Supply Spigot Plenum

Regulation and control modules

  • Wide range of wall thermostats for all applications with independently operated devices
  • Up to 20 devices in one Group with infrared or wall thermostat interface

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