Eckelmann control cabinet construction for industrial and commercial refrigeration

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your control cabinet construction? We plan, project and construct turnkey control cabinets for refrigeration plant manufacturers according to customer requirements and parameterize all components.

Control cabinet construction for industrial and commercial refrigeration

For this reason, refrigeration system builders have been relying on Eckelmann's professional control cabinet construction for many years. The control cabinets of the E*LDS system are used, among other things, for supermarket refrigeration systems, refrigerated warehouses and for standardized refrigeration systems.

Each control cabinet is manufactured according to the customer's requirements and equipped with network controls, refrigeration controllers, operating terminals and/or system control center.

All parameters are "loaded" with the notebook or by remote data transmission (DFU). Eckelmann employees can draw on a wealth of parameter sets (e.g. for all common refrigeration units) and their experience.


Your benefits

  • Turnkey control cabinets for commercial and industrial refrigeration
  • Competent planning and configuration of control cabinets
  • Optimized parameterization of all components
  • Short commissioning through pre-configuration and testing in-house

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