GEA Grasso SP2

Designed for low evaporation temperatures and high temperature loads / high differential pressures.

GEA Grasso SP2

Designed for low evaporating temperatures and high temperature loads / high differential pressures, the two-stage screw compressor packages of the GEA Grasso SP2 series each contain two compressors mounted one behind the other for a low and high pressure stage.

Combined with a load connection, the package enables highly flexible and individual operation.

A GEA Grasso SP2 package is the most efficient and flexible solution for high differential pressure operations. At the same time, based on a common base frame, oil circuit and common controls, the package is easier to operate and takes up less space than two separate single-stage packages.

Highlights and technical features

  • Two-stage screw packs optimized for low temperature and high differential pressure operation
  • Flexible operation of low and high-performance compressors as well as the intermediate load connection
  • Simple operation and minimized space requirements
  • Infinitely variable power control via frequency converter and/or slide system
  • GEA Omni ™ control panel with high-resolution 15.6 "touch screen

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