Wittig Glysofor L

Glysofor - reliable for heat and cold transfer in the food industry.

Glysofor L is an environmentally friendly antifreeze concentrate based on propylene glycol, corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers. Due to its physiological and ecological harmlessness, Glysofor L is preferably used in the food and luxury goods sector as well as in ecologically sensitive areas of application.

Typical areas of application for Glysofor L:

  • dairies
  • beverage industry
  • breweries
  • Fish and meat processing plants
  • deep-freeze chains etc.


Packaging sizes

  • 25 kg / 30 kg PE canister
  • 220 kg PE drum
  • 1,000kg IBCs
  • 24,000 kg truck


depending on the concentration

-11 °C
-14 °C
-18 °C
-22 °C
-26 °C
-32 °C

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