Staub & Co. - Silbermann STAUBCO® Cool N

STAUBCO® Cool N is a monoethylene glycol based antifreeze agent used in heating and cooling systems.

Product features:

STAUBCO® Cool N is an odorless liquid based on monoethylene glycol, which is used in cooling and heating systems as cooling brine or cooling or heat transfer liquid. The special corrosion inhibitors protect the metals and plastic materials commonly used in plant construction, including copper and aluminum, from corrosion, layer formation and deposits. The efficiency of the systems is thus maintained. STAUBCO® Cool N does not attack sealing materials.


  • is completely miscible with water. When delivered, it achieves frost protection > -50 °C without segregating
  • Do not dilute below 25% by volume of cooling brine (corrosion protection)
  • Can be mixed with all antifreeze based on monoethylene glycol
  • is free of nitrite, nitrate, secondary amines, phosphate, borate and silicate
  • Contains only anti-corrosion agents with water hazard class WGK 1
  • is non-toxic and readily biodegradable

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