Sauermann GmbH


The slimmest mini pump on the market with a cross-section of only 27 x 27 mm. It has a top performance-to-noise ratio of only 19 dBA.

The Si-20 sets a new record for its slim casing design, allowing it to easily fit inside any type of air conditioning unit or lineset cover.
Offering best-in-class performance and sound levels for a mini pump of its size, this model delivers unmatched reliability.
The patented piston pump technology, which offers a high degree of energy efficiency, is designed to remove condensates from air conditioning units of up to 20 kW.

  • Silent
    • Operates at just 19 dBA, delivering a record power-to-noise ratio.
    • Noise levels well below even the quietest air conditioning units.
    • Tube comes with insulating foam to reduce vibration.
  • Easy to install
    • The slimmest mini pump money can buy: cross-section of just 27 x 27 mm.
    • Compatible with all market-standard air conditioning units.
    • Fits inside lineset covers and fixes to cooling tubes with four side attachments for double wire clamps.
    • One-click detection unit attachment and detachment with offset connection point for easy installation and maintenance.
    • Installation made even easier with fasteners, plates, pre-installed anti-siphon device and other accessories included.
  • Ultra powerfull
    • Record size-to-weight ratio: maximum flow rate of 20 litres per hour, for air conditioning units of up to 20 kW. 
    • Patented piston pump technology for exceptional efficiency.
  • Reliable and eco-friendly
    • Built to withstand any type of environment.
    • Capable of discharging condensates containing small particles.
    • Designed as a possible replacement for most market-standard mini pumps.
    • Can be taken apart for recycling of plastic parts and components