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Air-cooled chillers TAEevo TECH and heat pumps HAEevo Tech. The TAE chiller series - specially developed for and in cooperation with the industry

As one of the leading manufacturers of chilled water in Europe, we have incorporated all our experience and expertise in industrial water cooling into this compact chiller with integrated hydraulic module. Numerous advantages, such as the innovative evaporator with disc pack, make air-cooled water chillers of the TAEevo series optimally suitable for the specific requirements of production and air conditioning applications.


  • Innovative evaporator with plate pack and in-tank configuration, resulting in low pressure losses and reduced sensitivity to contamination as a unique selling point
  • Suitable for the use of indoor and outdoor installation as standard
  • Suitable for open and closed water circuits
  • The large hydraulic tank is standard and able to compensate load changes by the user
  • Large areas of application; Even water-glycol outlet temperatures of -10 ° C are possible in the standard
  • Extensive accessories and kits for customized solutions
  • Designed for 24/7 under demanding industrial conditions.
  • Designed for installation in a small space
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to easily accessible components
  • Suitable for removing waste heat outside the building, eg use in control cabinet cooling with air-water heat exchangers


standard Features

  • Innovative evaporator with fin package and in-tank configurationIntegrated hydraulic unit consisting of pump P3 and buffer tank
  • High line scroll compressor
  • microprocessor control
  • Axial fans with optimized profile
  • Aluminum air filter, cleanable
  • Internal water bypass
  • Suitable for open and closed water circuits
  • Suitable for water temperatures -10 to + 30 ° C
  • Suitable for outdoor installation
  • Pressure gauge for high pressure and low pressure in the refrigerant circuit
  • Pressure gauge for the water cycle
  • Crankcase heater
  • phase monitoring
  • Mostly available from stock