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WITT HSF Highside float regulator as flangable

flangable highside float regulator

HS – highside float regulator as flangable version

The high-pressure float regulator has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of the refrigeration industry. With its self-regulating mechanical operation, it is the lowest maintenance and most efficient way to expand condensed refrigerant. In addition, WITT high pressure float regulators replace the need for a high-pressure receiver due to their housing size.

The flange sizes DN 100, DN 150 and DN 200 were chosen in order to be able to use almost all plate condensers available in industrial refrigeration with a flanged float.

The functionality of the control unit remains unaffected by the modification to the housing and can still be individually designed to meet your requirements.



  • Modular housing and control unit
  • Low maintenance
  • Mechanical and efficient
  • Durable and established
  • Receiver and expansion in one