VDE expertise in refrigeration technology

Reisner, Klaus; Reisner, Tim Expertise in refrigeration technology An introduction for training and further education with tasks and solutions

This textbook, which has been successful for many years, provides a particularly simple and practical introduction to refrigeration technology. Beginning with the basics, the reader is gradually introduced to the main laws of thermodynamics. Based on this, the interrelationships of the refrigeration cycle are explained. Accompanying topics such as B. Heat transport, fluid dynamics and refrigerants are treated. The learning success of the reader is always in the foreground. An appendix with directories and diagrams as well as an exercise section with tasks and detailed solutions serves to improve understanding and deepen the knowledge acquired. The authors attach great importance to a clear presentation a high-quality visualization of the book content and easily understandable mathematical calculations. Example tasks integrated into the text support comprehensibility and make the work an ideal textbook for self-study. No knowledge beyond school mathematics is assumed. The volume has been revised and expanded for the sixth edition. The subject of economy and energy efficiency, which is becoming increasingly important as part of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), has been greatly expanded and updated. The sections on refrigerants and their environmental relevance have been updated . New components of refrigeration systems and machine parts were also taken into account.


Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Reisner runs an engineering office for refrigeration technology and has been working as a publicly appointed and sworn expert for decades. He also publishes specialist publications, designs teaching materials and organizes seminars on the basics of refrigeration technology. Dr.-Ing. Timo Reisner works as an expert in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology. He is a trained refrigeration system engineer, completed a scientific degree and received his doctorate from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Ruhr University in Bochum.


Group of interested parties:

Apprentices and prospective master craftsmen in refrigeration system construction, technicians in training and further education, students at universities, planners and operators of refrigeration systems

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