VDE air conditioning manual

Hörner, Berndt; Casties, Manfred (ed.) Air conditioning manual

The presentation of the planning, design and operation of air conditioning systems in this volume is based on the engineering activities. The authors show how ventilation and air conditioning systems must be designed, created and ultimately also operated so that they achieve the desired results with a minimum of energy. This new edition of Volume 2 essentially retains the structure of the previous edition, but carries the the latest developments in the individual specialist areas and ongoing European standardization. From the content

  • Air conditioning and buildings
  • Cooling load calculation
  • Natural ventilation
  • Sizing of the supply air
  • Design of HVAC systems
  • Room air flow
  • Sewer network calculation
  • Components for air treatment
  • Heat recovery
  • Cooling supply
  • Acoustic design of HVAC systems
  • Fire protection
  • Acceptance of HVAC systems
  • Inspection of HVAC systems
  • Operational management, maintenance and profitability

In addition to experts from industry, the circle of authors consists mainly of members of the Working Group on Air Conditioning Technology, an association of university teachers who work in research and teaching in the field of building and energy technology. Ed. Prof. Emeritus Dr.-Ing. Berndt Hörner has been teaching air conditioning technology at the Munich University of Applied Sciences since 1983 and headed the laboratory for air conditioning technology there for many years. Hrsg. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Casties has been teaching building technology, building automation, fire protection and lighting technology at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences since 1999.


Group of interested parties:

Students of energy and building technology or technical building equipment (TGA), engineers in air conditioning technology, planners, plant constructors and plant operators



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