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thermofin control technology TCR2

The TCS is an intelligent control unit for modern fan drives in dry coolers and condensers.

Control technology – thermofin® control system 2nd generation

The TCS (thermofin® control system) is an intelligent control unit for modern fan drives and is used for monitoring and control and data acquisition from evaporators, air coolers, recoolers and liquefier. It is characterized by a compact design and intuitive operable program functions.

With the TCS, thermofin® coolers are optimally adapted to the individual performance requirement. Through the fast Response to changes in climatic environmental conditions the greatest possible energy efficiency can be achieved.

The new version (2nd generation) has been updated both optically and technically. Important new features include: the new colored 4.3" touch display, modern communication interfaces such as Modbus TCP, Bacnet IP and Profinet IRT, an Ethernet interface, the TAM (thermofin® adiabatic management - function module for mat devices), a connection for a web display and an extended one error log.

You can find more information in our product data sheet: Control technology (TCS.2)


System building blocks

Condenser control via the condensing pressure:

  • Conversion of refrigerant pressure into condensing temperature
  • Set point settings via the condensing temperature or the absolute pressure
  • Control of two-circuit condensers/recoolers or other combinations
  • separate control for fans of refrigerant subcoolers

Dry cooler control via the outlet temperature:

  • Free cooler operation
  • Control 3-way valve
  • Medium pump control

Adiabatic pre-cooling with thermofin® AdiabaticPads:

  • resource-saving water management
  • Precise water volume calculation for moistening the AdiabaticPads
  • efficiencySLIDE for energy-saving/water-saving operation

thermofin® spray system:

  • Spray control in up to 4 stages
  • Winter emptying of the spray water system

Hybrid dry cooler and condenser:

  • optimal control of the valves and pumps
  • Hygiene and flushing circuit
  • Monitoring and timing of biocide vaccinations (BImSchG)

Evaporative Cooling Systems:

  • Circulation and spray pump control

Insulated and penthouse coolers:

  • Flap and blind management
  • Monitoring and control of the defrosting device

other features:

  • Setpoint shift and setpoint changeover via external signal, outside temperature or external bus
  • digital inputs for external interference injections
  • Step switching of AC fans
  • Modbus RTU control of the EC fans and power controllers
  • Analog outputs for controlling power controllers, voltage regulators or EC fans
  • up to 240 EC fans possible via a TCS
  • Extensive log management for operating and fault message data with text, time and date information
  • Collective error message with initial and new value message
  • Real-time clock and automatic summer/winter time changeover
  • Backup of all parameters and trends/export as .csv file possible
  • External communication via BMS (building management system)

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