Medium temperature 0.9…6 kW Low temperature 0.5…3.5 kW


  • Plug & Play MT and LT units and cold rooms


Air-cooled (t0 MT -7 °C / t0 LT -30 °C / tGC 32 °C)

  • Medium temperature 0.9…6 kW
  • Low temperature 0.5…3.5 kW

Water-cooled (t0 MT -7 °C / t0 TK -30 °C / tGC 12 °C)

  • Medium temperature 1.1…6.8 kW
  • Low temperature 0.8…3.9 kW


  • Solution for retrofitting / expansion
  • Air cooled version with gas cooler / heater combination for food retail / commercial kitchens / ice making
  • Water cooled version with plate heat exchanger for combination with water chillers / dry coolers

Design pressure

  • 90 bar suction line (MT/LT)
  • 90 bar medium pressure
  • 120 bar high pressure

Know-How Article

condensing units Installation instructions
General information and practical tips for using Danfoss OptymaTM condensing units are given below. OptymaTM condensing units represent a complete range of units with hermetic Danfoss reciprocating compressors. The design of this series corresponds to the needs of the market. In general, to give an overview of the program, each subsection is divided into the different hermetic compressors mounted on the condensing units.