OPP-SOR® gas warning device GWA M 3.6

Our wide range of bus-capable OPP-SOR® gas and CO warning systems and associated bus-capable OPP-SOR® Gas sensors offers a wide selection for diverse applications.

OPP-SOR® Gas warning device – bus technology for connecting 1 to 10* Oppermann OPP-SOR® GMF-MOD gas sensors in bus technology for continuous Monitoring of the air for combustible gases and toxic concentrations.

Output of local individual alarms. Only possible when using OPP-SOR® GMF-MOD-IR Infrared gas sensors with output relay. Using the OPP-SOR® GMF- MOD-IR infrared sensors serially integrated output relays, instead of the general alarms of the GWA, decentralized alarms can be output locally only where the gas concentration is exceeded. Z B. for decentralized display or decentralized acoustic alerting.

* 10 sensors standard. Up to max. 20 sensors manageable (No. 1-10 type freely selectable, from No. 11 only IR sensors). Please observe the information on the maximum number of sensors that can be connected, the type of sensors and any additional power packs required in the data sheet.


Up to 6 languages ​​selectable. Supply voltage 230 V AC or 24 V DC or 230 V AC with emergency power supply 24 V DC 2 programmable alarm switching points per measuring point for pre- and main alarm.

Configuration and data readout using PC software GWA.

RS485 interface for forwarding to GLT

Including cable glands

  1. Inputs:
    • Bus-capable GMF-MOD gas sensors
    • Horn release button
    1. Outputs:
      • Relay EPU pre-alarm
      • Relay EPU main alarm
      • Relay EPU warning transparent cyclically or continuously programmable
      • EPU horn relay
      • EPU relay fault
    1. Operation:
      • LCD display for viewing
      • LED red pre-alarm
      • LED red main alarm
      • LED yellow fault
      • LED green operation
      • Device and unlock button
      • Programming and control button built-in piezo buzzer
    1. Housing:
      • Plastic ABS
    1. Protection class:
      • IP 65
    1. Dimensions:
      • 200 x 145 x 87 mm (W x H x D)

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