MTA H-Cygnus Tech

Chiller air-cooled heat pump for space heating - H-Tech Cygnus Air-cooled chillers with heat pump with hermetic scroll or rotary compressor

The quiet operation of technical systems is essential in permanently occupied spaces, such as homes and office buildings, where air conditioners are typically installed in close proximity to the user.

To meet the specific demands of comfort without compromising on performance in all operating conditions, MTA has developed the reversible heat pumps of the HCYGNUS tech range with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.

The already low noise level is further reduced by the use of electronic fan speed controls, as the fans operate at lower speeds with lower cooling demand.

Thanks to the integrated storage tank and the frost detection system (FDS), which detects the extent of ice formation on the register and performs defrosting cycles only when necessary, a significant minimization of energy consumption is realized.

  • Extremely quiet 
  • High EER / COP values
  • Wide operating limits
  • Optimized defrost cycles for heat pumps HCYGNUS tech
  • Self-adaptive temperature control
  • Designed for installation in a small space
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to easily accessible components