HITEMA s.r.l.

Hitema SBS Series

luftgekühlte Flüssigkeitskühler für industrielle Anwendungen und zur Installation im Außenbereich

The  SBS  and  SBSF series   are air-cooled liquid chillers for industrial applications and for outdoor installation. The coolers are designed for applications that require reliability, continuous operation, and low maintenance costs.

All models are equipped with a soldered plate evaporator or tube bundle evaporator. The tube bundle ensures reliable operation, especially with fluids containing impurities. On request, all models can be equipped with a water pump that can be operated with a water-glycol mixture, as well as with a storage tank to ensure accurate temperature control even in the event of severe process-related temperature fluctuations.

With the wide cooling capacity range of up to 1349 kW, it is possible to meet all customer requirements. The coolant used is R410A. The radiators are equipped with one (models SBS.095 ÷ 160, SBSF.095 ÷ 120) or two (models SBS.190 ÷ 1030, SBSF.145 ÷ 1030) or three (models SBS.1230 ÷ 1360) coolant circuits up to three Compressors per circuit equipped to ensure high efficiency even at partial load.

The electrical protection class is IP54 for all models. All equipment is tested at the Hitema production facility prior to shipment to ensure best performance, reliability and continuous operation at the customer. It is recommended to install a suitable filter on the water inlet.