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GREE Inverter outdoor unit with refrigerant R410A VRF inverter for cooling capacities up to 45 kW
  GMV-224WMB-X GMV-280WMB-X GMV-335WMB-X GMV -400WMB-X Cooling capacity 22.40kW 28kW 33.50kW 40kW Heat output HP 25kW 31.50kW 37.50kW 45kW Refrigerant type R410A R410A R410A R410A Power supply 400V/3Ph/50Hz 400V/3Ph/50Hz 400V/3Ph/50Hz 400V/3Ph/50Hz Power consumption cooling 5,200 watts 7,000 watts 8,400 watts 10,600 watts Current consumption cooling 9.70 amps 13 amps 15.60 amps 19.80 amps Energy efficiency class A A A A Sound pressure outside 58dB(A) 58dB(A) 60dB(A) 61dB(A) Injection line mm 10mm 10mm 12mm 12mm Suction line mm 19mm 22mm 25mm 25mm Width 930mm 930mm 1,340mm 1,340mm Depth 765mm 765mm 765mm 765mm Height 1,605mm 1,605mm 1,605mm 1,605mm Weight 225kg 225kg 285kg 360 kg

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