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Gea Grasso M screw compressor

The screw compressors of the GEA Grasso M series are the first industrial compressors with a gas pressure-activated check valve, which ensures minimal pressure losses and thus significant savings in operating costs.

New benchmarks in total cost of ownership

Screw compressor packages from the GEA Grasso M series are the first choice for numerous industrial applications with low to medium cooling capacity requirements: from food and beverage processing to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to air conditioning in buildings

Highlights & technical features

The sophisticated design and the low complexity of parts combine reliability and service friendliness with high efficiency. This can result in significant savings in energy, service and other running costs, lowering the total cost of ownership of the refrigeration system over its entire lifetime.

Reduce energy, service and maintenance costs and set new standards in total cost of ownership

  • GEA Grasso M is designed for maximum energy efficiency. The models consume an average of 3 to 5% less drive energy than previous screw compressor units. It thus contributes to significant savings in energy costs. The compressor units are operated without an oil pump - this means lower energy and spare parts costs for the operator of a refrigeration system.
  • The optional speed-controlled motor with a speed range of 1,000 to 4,500 rpm combines high performance with energy efficiency under all load conditions. 
  • Screw compressor and drive motor are mounted on a horizontal oil separator to save space. This ensures effective separation of the refrigerant from the oil. Thanks to its minimal oil spill rate (5 ppm) and low oil charge, maintenance costs are reduced - another positive effect on the total cost of ownership. 

With GEA Grasso M you reduce the expenses of your refrigeration system over the entire life cycle and thus set new standards in total operating costs.

You can find more information with GEA  RTSelect  – our product selection and configuration tool.

Highlights & technical features


  • Maximum efficiency in the smallest space
  • Service-friendly and low-maintenance
  • Speed-controlled motor with a speed range of 1,000 to 4,500 rpm for high power capacities and efficiencies in part-load operation
  • Stepless power control via frequency converter and/or slider system
  • GEA Omni™ control with high-resolution 15.6" touchscreen
  • Suitable for ammonia and other common refrigerants