GEA BluAir

The GEA BluAstrum, GEA BluGenium and GEA BluAir series embody the new generation of industrial liquid chillers in a particularly compact form. A new generation of ammonia chillers

This easy-to-install product line with a weather-resistant housing allows GEA Blu technology to be applied outdoors, whether at ground or roof level.

Thanks to the efficient insulation provided by the state-of-the-art weatherproof housing, these models are characterized by a very low noise level. The GEA BluAir models offer customers greater flexibility in terms of installation site and operation. The fully factory assembled chillers with air-cooled condensers allow for easy installation and are particularly suitable for locations without chilled water management.

Highlights & technical features

  • Screw refrigeration system for outdoor installations with weatherproof housing
  • Low noise level
  • 370 - 1,270 kW cooling capacity (R717, 12/6 °C)
  • Ambient temperature max. -15/40 °C
  • Coolant outlet temperature -15/18 °C