Eckelmann UA400 refrigeration controller

Cold store controllers for refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms UA 400 series - The new generation of cold store controllers

The refrigeration controllers of the UA 400 series for thermostatic expansion valves (solenoid valves in the evaporator line) and electronic expansion valves are suitable for controlling and monitoring two temperature zones of all types of refrigeration appliances and cold rooms for medium and deep refrigeration (MT and LT).

The UA 400 Series includes the following models:

  • UA 400 for TEV
  • UA 400 E for EEV
  • UA 410 L for recording temperatures

The respective type of use for refrigerated shelves, refrigerated counters, deep-freeze islands, deep-freeze rooms, etc. can be easily set using a DIP switch (“mouse piano”) on the controller. The factory settings for the desired application, which have been tried and tested in practice, are then loaded via Plug&Play.

The UA 400 series is backwards compatible and a much more powerful replacement for the UA 300 series case controllers. In addition to the expansion of analog inputs/outputs, other features have been improved with the UA 400 series:

  • Easy-to-install spring terminals
  • Double-row CAN bus terminal for quick connection to the bus
  • Reverse polarity coding of all connection terminals
  • More compact dimensions compared to UA 300


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