Danfoss gas warning device, GD / DGS

GD gas warning devices meet all common requirements with regard to the detection of refrigerant leaks.

Gaswarngerät, GD / DGS

Danfoss GD gas detectors meet all common requirements for the detection of refrigerant leaks. GD can be used with a wide range of sensors for the different refrigerants. These include ammonia, carbon dioxide, fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons. The GD gas warning devices are preset. This means that they can be exchanged quickly and easily in the event of service and recurring inspections. • Danfoss gas detectors have a linear output signal proportional to the measured gas concentration. Output signals: 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20 mA and 2 digital switching contacts.

  • An RS485 communication bus enables connection to the Danfoss m2 monitoring unit. Optionally, an LCD diplay is offered, IP 65 encapsulation and ATEX for the EExd models.
  • Danfoss gas detectors, sensors and evaluation devices work as independent units in one housing and can be connected directly to a PLC.
  • Up to 99 gas detectors can be connected to a Danfoss m2 monitoring unit.
  • Danfoss gas detector sensors are available with different sensor technology to display the different refrigerants such as NH3, CO2, R22, R134, R507, R600 and others.
  • The sensors are based on the semiconductor, electrochemical, infrared and catalytic measuring principle. The GD monitors the workplace concentration and helps (supports) with the search for leaks. Typical applications are machine rooms, cold rooms, distribution centers, systems that require monitoring due to regulations.


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