DAIKIN Airconditioning Germany GmbH

Daikin FUA-A

Suspended ceiling unit with 4-way air discharge
Unique Daikin unit for high frames with no false ceilings and free floor

Product features

  • Even rooms with a ceiling height of up to 3.5 m can be easily heated or cooled without loss of performance
  • Can be easily incorporated into both new and refurbishment projects
  • Combined with R32 Bluevolution technology, negative environmental impact is reduced by 68% compared to R410A, immediate reduction in energy consumption thanks to higher energy efficiency and 16% less refrigerant charge required< /li>
  • 5 different exit angles between 0 and 60° can be programmed via the remote control
  • Unified series of indoor units for R32 and R410A
  • Individual control of the slats: the device can be adapted to any room layout without having to move the device!
  • Stylish body in pure white (RAL9010) and iron gray (RAL7011) matches any interior decor
  • Optimal comfort guaranteed thanks to automatic adjustment of the airflow to the required load
  • Standard condensate pump with 500mm stroke increases flexibility and installation speed



Operation when absent

Keeps the inside temperature at a specified comfort level while you're away, saving energy.

Draft prevention

At the beginning of the warm-up phase or when the thermostat is switched off, the horizontal air discharge direction and a low speed of the fan are set to prevent drafts. After warming up, the air discharge direction and the fan speed are changed to the desired settings.

Individual control of the slats

Individual control of the louvers via wired remote control allows easy fixing of the position of each louver individually to adapt to any new room configuration. Optional latch kits are also available.

Vertical Auto Pan

Option for automatic vertical movement of the air outlet louvers for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room.

Infrastructure Cooling (Normal)

Continuously removes heat generated by IT and servers in a reliable, efficient and flexible manner to ensure maximum uptime and therefore the best return on investment.

Air only

The device can also be used as a fan only, without heating or cooling the air.

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