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compact *CARBOX

CO2 is perfectly suited for normal cooling from 10 to 20 kW. (Deep-freezing on request).


Small food markets, Shops at petrol stations, bakers, butchers, supermarkets and to extend existing systems


The *carboX series is perfectly suited for normal cooling from 10 to 20 kW.

*carboX uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 with a GWP of 1. All cooling requirements can be met safely, efficiently and in compliance with all the applicable standards and laws.

*carboX doesn’t require any pipe work in sections with 120 bar. This makes installation on site very simple. Liquid and suction lines operate at a pressure level of 52 bar.

*carboX is designed for outdoor installation. This gives you more space inside the building.

*carboX is provided with a frequency inverter on the compressor. The gas cooler is controlled by EC fans. Sub- and transcritical conditions are handled safely and efficiently.

*carboX is a complete plug-and-play system, including controller and safety devices. This allows you to use the CO2 technology in a easy and secure manner.



Performance data medium temperature

MT at -10°C / 38°C / 70 Hz

Type Bitzer 2MTE-5K 2KTE-7K 4MTC-10K Cooling capacity 8,8 kW 12,8 kW 16,5 kW Power consumption 5,7 kW 8,3 kW 11,3 kW Gas cooler capacity 14,5 kW 21,0 kW 27,8 kW Max. operating current 12 A 17 A 22 A Weight 304 kg 310 kg 320 kg


As usual, compact Kältetechnik will prepare a special offer for you, customized to your individual performance, temperatures or installation conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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