Blauberg Ventilatoren GmbH

Blauberg centrifugal duct fan Box-R

Centrifugal in-line fans. Maximum flow rate up to 783 m³/h


  • For supply and exhaust air systems in different rooms.
  • High-pressure duct fan for ventilation systems in multi-storey buildings.
  • Mounting in areas with limited space.
  • Simultaneous ventilation of several rooms.
  • Compatible with air ducts with a diameter of 80 to 200 mm



  • Super compact steel case coated with special polymer paint.
  • Minimal height of the case, only 90 mm.
  • Housing shape aerodynamically optimized.
  • External junction box for power connection.
  • Hinged lid provides easy access to the engine.
  • Different housing designs with 1 to 6 intake manifolds.



  • Single-phase external rotor motor with 3 adjustable speeds and with galvanized radial impeller
  • Impeller with forward-curved blades for high pressure in the channel system.
  • Constant air flow with changing pressure conditions in the duct system.
  • Ball-bearing motor for continuous operation.
  • Integrated thermal overload protection with automatic restart.
  • Dynamically balanced turbine.

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