Compressor noice insulation

Refrigeration and HVAC equipment noise has  become as important as its carbon footprint, level of  reliability or of energy efficiency. This is particularly  true for compressor packs on HVAC units that are  often a source of disturbing noise in urban areas by  their very nature. Emerson wanted to go one step  further by asking Vitalo to design sound shells that  provide outstanding sound reduction benefits. 

OEM KEY REQUIREMENTS — Need to avoid the cost of acoustically insulating the full cooling unit — No impact on compressor operation or performance, — Dual design: on-line mounting (new equipment)  or on-site installation (retrofit) — Sound attenuation

—   Clean fit and nice finish

THE INSULO RESPONSE — -  12dB(A) sound attenuation vs. 3 to 6 for competitive solutions

— High density PU foam solution (low cost tooling / fast prototyping  and testing)

— Combining acoustic and thermal insulation — Increased surface resistivity

— Complete set of different technologies supplied — Safety stock for fast deliveries