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Main valves and pilot valves in refrigeration systems "ICS" main valves
Control evaporation, liquefaction, and differential pressures, start, performance, and more
Pre-insulated piping - Thermal expansion, deflection and corrosion resistance
Pre-insulated piping - Thermal expansion, deflection and corrosion resistance
Liquid separator for ammonia
Is a mostly horizontal pressure vessel with a large storage volume, which is mainly used in refrigeration systems with pump circulation
Cleaning of Commercial Refrigeration Systems
Necessity of cleaning heat exchanger surfaces on the example of supermarket refrigerated shelves
Defrost supermarket refrigerated cabinets and refrigerator
How does the defrost in the supermarket and what should be considered.
Boiling retardation control in industrial refrigeration systems with pump circulation operation
Increased energy consumption or loss of power due to boiling delay in the suction line.
Refrigerant pumps Circulation factor
Refrigerant pumps Recirculation factor as a guideline for refrigeration systems with pump forced circulation.

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