27. October 2022

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

The market price for fruit and vegetables is primarily determined by quality, supply and demand. But how do you maintain the best quality in your products until the most suitable moment? Simple: by opting for storage under Controlled Atmosphere (CA) conditions.

Controlled Atmosphere

By using CA, the physiological processes in the stored product are slowed down, resulting in an extended storage life. The product is put into hibernation so to speak. The required conditions are achieved by creating and maintaining a special protective atmosphere.

Lowering the oxygen level slows respiration and reduces the metabolism of important nutrients. The aim is to keep the oxygen level as low as possible in order to preserve these nutrients – hence quality.

The remaining oxygen is converted into CO2, which in turn ensures that the respiration of fruit and vegetables is further slowed down. However, excess CO2 will damage your product and must therefore be removed.

Ethylene is produced by fruit and vegetables and stimulates the ripening process – hence the ageing process. In order to slow down these processes, it is necessary to remove this harmful ethylene gas from the air of the cold stores for some products.

Each product variety requires different conditions. Depending on factors such as climate, weather, soil conditions, growing conditions and the time of picking, the optimum conditions vary not only year by year, but also from one product to another and even from one variety to another. As experts in CA storage, we offer you tailored solutions and every opportunity to keep a close watch on your valuable produce.

These days, many different storage concepts are available: ULO, DCA, ILOS, DILOS, DCE, etc. Besseling can supply both the protocols and the required equipment for these concepts.


Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere

Low oxygen levels have proved their effectiveness during the storage of fruit and vegetables. The lower the oxygen level, the less the fruits respire and the less they deteriorate in quality. Moreover, disorders like scald can be reduced significantly. There is however a lowest limit to the oxygen level. The lowest possible oxygen level differs dependent on variety, season and the quality of the fresh produce.


Controlled Atmosphere Disinfestation

Insects are a pest for commodities. By decreasing the level of oxygen in a gastight, temperature controlled store a mortality rate of 100% can be achieved. This treatment is lethal, non-toxic and does not have a negative influence on the treated product itself.

Controlled Atmosphere disinfestation is suitable for;

  • cacao;
  • tobacco;
  • soya;
  • rice;
  • grain;
  • and many other commodities.

The efficacy of the treatment is depending on physical factors such as gas concentration, temperature and relative humidity. There are also biological factors such as insect species, strain and development stage. Besseling masters these conditions and can help you in design and implementation of the essential components.

Hypoxic Fire Prevention

Fire, the nightmare of every business. There is no sadder sight than the smoldering remains of what used to be your storehouse or archive. Of course you take precautions. You store flammable materials separately and of course you have fire extinguishers to hand.

However, danger is never far away… Unless you remove the most important factor: oxygen. Without oxygen, a fire simply cannot get started. By reducing oxygen to a level at which combustion is impossible – a perfect and proven alternative to sprinkler systems and/or compartmentalization of large storage facilities. Examples are:

  • Freezer and cold storage facilities
  • Telecommunications and computer rooms
  • Storage of hazardous substances such as fireworks, munitions, gas cylinders, etc.
  • Archives & museums

The Besseling PSA nitrogen generator combined with a measurement and control system (ACS) is the perfect solution. The measurement and control system also provides the required level of safety thanks to alarms based on thresholds which can be set by the user.


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