High performance air cooler FHC compact

Very quiet operation and reduced energy consumption Available in FJC version with the LU-VE patented distributor JET-O-MATIC® Capacities from 1,45 a to over 122,4 kW

Main features Compact commercial unit coolers FHC, FJC

The new range

The new-born FHC range (where FHC stands for “Future”) represents an evolution and an enlargement of the preceding SHC family:

  • brand new ventilation, with low energy consumption;
  • new combinations of highly efficient coils with new fin spacings and 5 different fans;
  • new directional JETSTREAMER® grill which ensures uniform air flow distribution across the heat exchanger, greater air quantity, very extended use of the fan during the defrost stage and a particularily long air throw;
  • extremely wide capacity range;
  • highly attractive modern casing design.

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TURBOCOIL®2 and TURBOCOIL®3 heat exchangers

The superefficient Turbocoil® 2 and Turbocoil® 3 heat exchangers, featuring the highest obtainable ratio of capacity/cost are constructed with:

  • High efficiency small-diameter copper tubes with internal helicoidal grooving designed for the new refrigerant fluids. A version which operates with CO2 is also available and can be selected using the REFRIGER software.
  • High efficiency aluminium fins (TURBOFIN®2 and TURBOFIN®3) with specially configured turbulator profile to reduce dehumidification and the formation of frost.

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