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Rental of mobile refrigeration systems, chillers, air conditioners, ventilation units and heaters

Delta-Temp has one of the largest rental fleets in Germany with a cooling capacity of more than 40 megawatts. Our mobile chillers , ventilation units , mobile air conditioning units and heaters offer a performance range from 6.7 to 1,500 kW. We are your reliable partner for temporary rental cooling and heating.


Chillers, air conditioners and heaters for rent

Typical applications for rental refrigeration and mobile heaters:

  • In the event of failure of existing refrigeration, air conditioning or heating systems
  • Bridging long delivery times of new chillers and ventilation systems
  • Interception of peak heat loads in production and storage halls or if additional process cooling is required
  • For larger renovation projects, where the stationary cooling supply has to be temporarily taken out of operation
  • Avoid standstill for larger or longer maintenance work on existing refrigeration systems
  • Determination of your individual cooling requirements by renting and testing mobile refrigeration systems in different performance classes
  • Event air conditioning of tents and event halls
  • And much more ....

range of services

Our product range  enables individual solutions for process cooling , air conditioning and heating for industry, technical building equipment and the event area.

You can rent mobile air conditioners, heaters and chillers from us - from 6.7 to 1,500 kilowatts - including all the necessary accessories:

  • Mobile refrigeration systems for supplying cold water to processes and air conditioning systems
  • Mobile air conditioners for server rooms, offices or for the targeted introduction of cold air in production
  • Mobile heaters for the construction sector, for production halls or as comfort heating for events
  • Mobile ventilation units in combination with rental chillers, mobile heating centers or as free coolers
  • Mobile air-conditioning centers for cooling and heating with fresh air function and integrated, free cooling

areas of application

The areas of application are located in all market segments of industrial production and processing, as well as in the area of ​​the technical infrastructure of residential and commercial buildings.

With many years of experience, we offer cross-sector temporary cooling, air conditioning and heating solutions with 24-hour service.

In addition, our mobile solutions for comfort air conditioning are used at events.


Our sellers and planners have access to the currently available machines and all accessories at any time via a central computer system. This allows them to optimally design the use of the material and the fitters.

As a customer, you will be informed promptly about the current status of deliveries and installations.

Careful planning is a crucial basis to enable a quick response and to master the daily maintenance routines.

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Delta-Temp GmbH

Carl-Still-Straße 19
45659 Recklinghausen

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Delta-Temp GmbH

Delta-Temp GmbH
Carl-Still-Straße 19
45659 Recklinghausen