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Is your cooling system defective? Are you looking for rental cooling? Your air conditioner has failed? You need a technical acceptance of your refrigeration system? Use our branch-oriented directory and find the service near you.

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Difference between Control and Regulation
Explaining the technical difference between control and regulation in simple terms

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The world of refrigeration and air conditioning technology has a global need for information and service around the clock.
The operational readiness of your refrigeration system requires the permanent availability of knowledge about refrigeration systems and the appropriate products.
With industry-specific categories, terms and filters, we intelligently link products and services with pragmatic knowledge from day-to-day business. You can find everything locally as well as internationally.

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Our team consists of master craftsmen and engineers from commercial and industrial refrigeration. Through daily advice and planning of refrigeration systems, our digital marketplace is maintained with up-to-date know-how.
With our partners of manufacturers, plant builders, experts and service providers, maximum added value is made available for all industry participants in the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology.

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Welcome! offers you a 365-day marketplace for your products and services. You can also increase your visibility by publishing generally valid knowledge in our know-how area. Rest assured that all users and visitors work in refrigeration technology. Use our industry-oriented job exchange and find the right specialists for your job-vacancies here. News from your company also reaches the expert audience on

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We offer a platform for the refrigeration, air conditioning, catering and ventilation industries and we form a central hub on this website. We network the world of refrigeration with know-how and the appropriate solutions.
Do you have refrigeration related problem? We offer information and pragmatic solutions.

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Our strength lies in understanding the market through our own professional experience. The team consists of master craftsmen, technicians and engineers in refrigeration technology with many years of experience in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration. We ourselves are able to answer your questions professionally and let comments and new ideas flow into this portal.
It is our mission to provide you with all current systems, legislative changes or product innovations and offer the trade maximum profitability.

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No. is a portal where manufacturers' products are independently published and advertised. Corresponding contact details are stored for each product. You can make specific inquiries and you will receive a convenient offer. We act as an intermediary and provide the necessary infrastructure with this website.

Where does the know-how come from?

Our knowledge area offers information on generally applicable descriptions for trainees. We also address the specialist planner and provide information for the planning of an industrial refrigeration system. Our knowledge area is constantly growing through the users themselves, or we personally publish interesting topics from the refrigeration industry, as soon as we notice that there is a need for a topic.

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A contact person with their contact details is stored for each product or service.
Request an quote or your request directly.

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Of course! Enter your e-mail address and you will regularly receive the newsletter in your area of interest.

Is there a job exchange at

Our platform also offers this: The job market for the refrigeration industry with all associated trades including a detailed map view and area search. Find your new employer in your region or search all over the world.

Who is's target group?

Anyone who has a problem with a refrigeration system or air conditioning system can solve their problem at We help with the proper information or description and can help you find the right product for your system through our product archive from several manufacturers. In addition, we provide you with a wide range of product alternatives.

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Our mission of refrigeration

We work every day to create, prepare and organize information
for the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industry and make it accessible worldwide.
It is our goal to provide you with the proper solution,
your required component and the right contact person for all your day-to-day business needs. Whether the chiller for office buildings, air conditioning in cars, industrial production, storage and transport, the ice cream counter around the corner or the heat pump for homeowners.
All systems have refrigeration at their core.
Working with refrigeration technology requires skilled workers and specialists.
Supporting the training of young people and finding the right job in the right company are part of everyday life in the industry and are therefore also our task.
We form the hub for this industry, whether as a desktop or mobile application. is there for you around the clock, both locally and internationally.